National Pitching Regional Directors
and Associate Coaches

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The National Pitching’s Regional Directors and Associated Coaches are the best certified coaches that we have in certain locations over a long period of time. We will be expanding our roster of Regional Directors and Associate Coaches so that more athletes and coaches can get the best possible training and information based on the National Pitching methodology. Feel free to contact our coaches for information about lessons and clinics.

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With the right coaches, the sky is the limit. No matter where you are, and what you want to achieve, the National Pitching Regional Directors and Associate Coaches are ready to take you to the next level. To attend a National Pitching camp or get instruction from us, find a Regional Director or Associate Coach near you, get in touch and get started.

Don’t forget to check our schedule for upcoming camps. Spots fill up fast!

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NP Management
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Regional Director
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Associate Coach
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Certified Facility

The National Pitching Management Team

Dean Doxakis VP Operations National Pitching

Dean Doxakis, VP of Operations

Dean has been working with Tom House for nearly 10 years and still operates and trains athletes at his NP Facility located in Houston, Texas.

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Robert Ambrose, VP of Information/Technology

Robert was a Regional Director for National Pitching before becoming its VP of Information/Technology. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia and works with athletes there.

Meet Our Regional Directors

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Randy Wishmyer
NP Mid-Atlantic

greg Wilcox NPA Norcal

Greg Wilcox
NP NorCal

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Steve Nelson
NP Mountain West

Mike Fetko

Mike Fetko
NP Northwest

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Charlie Nootbaar
NP West

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Eric Fenske
NP South Central

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Ryan Sullins
NP Texas

Sal Lombardo

Sal Lombardo
NP Southeast

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Dean Taylor
NP Great Lakes

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Gardy O’Flynn
NP East

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Casey Beis
NP Midwest

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